マイヤー英会話 講師の独り言






This week was a national holiday in Japan on Monday. The holiday was the Coming of Age Day where all 20 year old men and woman dress up formally and are given a speech at various venues throughout Japan.
Therefore, today?s blog will be about my Friday evening adult lesson. During the lesson we talked about the Japanese New Year and its traditions. On New Year?s Eve in Japan people try to stay awake until midnight. Some of these people visit shrines throughout Japan, but many people stay inside and watch TV. On TV there is a particular famous temple chosen every year where the monks will ring a bell 107 times before midnight and 1 time at the stroke of midnight to welcome the New Year. The total of 108 rings is supposed to signify the 108 human desires. All in all, it is a quiet affair. On New Year?s Day some people visit up to three different shrines to pray for good fortune in the New Year. Everyone eats traditional New Year food and the adults drink a special sake. Children are given New Year?s money from their parents and adult relatives to do with as they please.
This is at a glance the traditional Japanese New Year and its celebrations.



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