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Urashima Taro is a fisherman. He is walking on the beach. Children are bullying a turtle. Urashima Taro is a very kind man. He says, 'Stop it! Don't bully the turtle!' He helps the turtle. The turtle goes into the sea.

Urashima Taro is fishing on the beach. The turtle comes from the sea. The turtle says, 'Thank you very much for helping me. Please come to Ryugu-jo Castle with me to meet Princess Otohime.' Urashima Taro rides on the turtle's back and they go into the sea.

Ryugu-jo is a very beautiful castle under the sea. Otohime is a very pretty princess. Urashima Taro eats delicious food and watches dancing fish. He spends several days in Ryugu-jo but he soon misses his home. He says to Otohime, 'I'm going home.' Otohime gives a present to him. She says, 'This is Tamatebako. Never open this box. Never.'

Urashima Taro comes back to his hometown but it looks very different. He meets many people in the town but no one knows him. He is shocked. He feels lonely. He opens tamatebako and then smoke comes out of it. His hair becomes white. His face has wrinkles and a long white beard. Urashima Taro is an old man now.

From English Tree ( fabulous book for adult beginners )

Questions about this story:

1). What are the children doing to the turtle?
2). What is Urashima Taro's job?
3). Where does Urashima Taro go on the turtle?
4). What is the princess's name?
5). Which castle did Urashima Taro visit?
6). What comes out of the Tamatebako when Urashima Taro opens it?
7). Do you like this story? Why? Why not?

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